Coastland Coffee: Brewing Adventure with Every Sip

Nestled in the heart of Chesapeake, Virginia, just a stone's throw from the vibrant Virginia Beach area, Coastland Coffee is more than just a coffee company. It's an embodiment of love—for coffee, community, the outdoors, and the rich tapestry of Virginia's history. Our roots dig deep into the sandy shores of the East Coast, reaching out to the vast oceans, and climbing up to the highest mountain peaks. This intrinsic connection to nature and adventure is deeply woven into every cup of coffee we roast and every apparel and candle piece we create under our Five Peaks brand—a name inspired by the grandeur of the world's five tallest mountain peaks.

Driven by a team of like-minded coffee enthusiasts, Coastland Coffee was born out of a desire to share our vision of exceptional coffee with the world. Our commitment? To deliver freshly roasted, ethically sourced, and fair trade coffee right to your doorstep. While we may be based in Chesapeake, our ambition is boundless. We want to be your local coffee roaster, regardless of the miles between us.

Why choose Coastland Coffee? Because excellence is our standard. We refuse to cut corners, sourcing only the finest beans from around the globe, ensuring that every sip offers an authentic, unparalleled experience—a journey from farm to cup.

So, whether you're a fellow adventurer, a history buff, or someone who simply appreciates a darn good cup of coffee, we invite you to join us. Dive into our world, where history meets adventure, and passion meets flavor. At Coastland Coffee, the world's finest coffee awaits you. Dive in, and let's discover it together.