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Frosty Harbor

Frosty Harbor

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Get ready to embrace the holiday spirit with our delightful Frosty Harbor. This naturally flavored peppermint coffee captures the essence of the season with each sip. The peppermint infusion is refreshingly crisp, while the toffee undertones add a delightful layer of sweetness. Dark chocolate notes provide a rich and indulgent depth to this brew. With a velvety mouthfeel, it's like a warm and cozy holiday hug in a cup. This coffee is the perfect companion for the holiday season. Enjoy it as is or get creative by mixing it with your favorite milk and sweetener or adding a drizzle of chocolate sauce to elevate your peppermint mocha experience. Coastland Coffee's Frosty Harbor is here to make your holidays a little brighter and a lot more delicious.

Origin: Blend
Roast: Medium
Acidity: Low
Process: Washed
Flavor Notes: Peppermint, Dark Chocolate, Toffee

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