Who We Are

Established in 2021, Coastland Coffee has been brewing more than just rich and aromatic blends; we've been cultivating a community of coffee aficionados. Born from humble beginnings, we pride ourselves on being a roast-to-order coffee roastery, ensuring every cup is as fresh as our commitment to excellence. No matter where you are, let Coastland Coffee be your go-to roaster, bringing people together, one aromatic cup at a time. Our journey, built from the ground up, is to connect you to not just the finest beans, but also to a world where every sip nurtures a sense of belonging.

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Discover Our Holiday Series

Unwrap the warmth and flavor of the season with our limited-time Holiday Series. Featuring Frosty Harbor—a peppermint-infused delight with toffee and dark chocolate whispers, and Winter Tide—a classic and cozy blend with notes of roasted chestnuts and warm spices. Embrace the holiday spirit with every sip and make this season unforgettable. Get your holiday brews today and let's celebrate the joy of the holidays, one cup at a time. 🎄❄️

The Ambient Collection by Five Peaks Candle Co.

Discover the essence of nature's grandeur with our Ambient Collection. Inspired by the distinct characteristics of the world's renowned five peaks, each candle encapsulates the unique atmosphere of its namesake. From the crisp air of towering heights to the gentle calm of alpine meadows, every scent offers a fresh and inviting experience. Light up a Five Peaks Candle, and immerse yourself in the authentic aroma of the great outdoors, brought to the comfort of your home.

Join Us For Coffee Talk

Dive deep into the world of beans, brews, and baristas with Coffee Talk - your caffeine-infused guide to everything coffee. Launched by Coastland Coffee, this blog aims to bring our community even closer. Whether you're a casual sipper or a coffee connoisseur, join us as we explore the art, science, and stories behind every cup. From roast-to-order insights to the tales that make our blends unique, Coffee Talk is your go-to hub for all things Coastland Coffee. Let's brew conversations and connections, one post at a time.

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